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Strange Love, il primo EP dei Simple Creatures

Inviato: 24 gen 2019, 15:45
da Mattia
Con l'annuncio dei Simple Creatures e la pubblicazione del primo singolo "Drug", Mark Hoppus ha detto anche che il primo EP del duo uscirà a marzo.

Prima bozza del testo di "Drug"

Inviato: 05 feb 2019, 09:08
da Mattia
Mark Hoppus ha pubblicato sugli account social dei Simple Creatures la prima bozza del testo di Drug.
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I got a feeling that the weather's gonna change
So I'm turning off my brain for minute
I had a premonition that tonight is getting strange
So I'm turning up the sound when you get in
I can't watch you dig a deeper grave
I can't hear a single word you say
I too suspicious of e

I got a sinking feeling that the dam is gonna break
And I'll drown in the water that I swim in

I ignored the warnings on a bottle full of pills
And I stumbled off the rails for a summer
I bought a filthy car with a thousand dollar bill
Just to watch it rust away in the gutter
I can't watch you dig your own grave
So I'll just disappear with no trace
From here with no trace

I can't watch the trailer to this movie because I've seen how it ends