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Hi everyone !

Inviato: 22 giu 2013, 22:08
da Blinkdraz
Hi !

First of all, i'm french and i didn't learn italian in school so I must talk to you in English, sorry about that. :(
I'm a 31 years old man who collect Blink 182 items since 1999 and the release of Enema of the State. Unfortunately, I decide to sell all this items to make a little bit money.
I prefer to sell items to other persons who loves the group and knows the value of these items. I search on the Internet some active forums which talk about the group and I see yours.
My collection site is : So leave me a MP is you are interested in some items.

Thank you very much for reading my message !

Jonathan aka Blinkdraz

Re: Hi everyone !

Inviato: 23 giu 2013, 13:39
da Mattia
Hi and bienvenue! :)

Maybe I will send you a MP soon!

Re: Hi everyone !

Inviato: 23 giu 2013, 14:31
da claudio.feiez
Very nice, I will let you know!

Re: Hi everyone !

Inviato: 23 giu 2013, 20:40
da Blinkdraz
Thank you guys !

Feel free to contact me through my site or through MPs on the forum :)

Re: Hi everyone !

Inviato: 17 ott 2013, 10:45
da Blinkdraz
Hi guys,

Thanks to Mattia for order some CDs of my collection. I hope everything was ok with them.
Everything is still for sale for you if you want some CDs, feel free to send me a MP to ask for prices.